Basics of Marketing

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Introduction to Marketing
Objectives The objectives of this unit are to help you to understand
The meaning of marketing
The marketing concept
the marketing mix and
How marketing concept and marketing mix are integrated in practice, thus resulting in the marketing process and strategy.
Structure 1.1 Introduction 1.2 The Meaning of Marketing 1.3 The Marketing Mix 1.4 The Marketing Strategy 1.5 Summary 1.6 Key Words 1.7 Self-assessment Test 1.8 Further Readings
1.1 INTRODUCTION First of all, we welcome you to this course. Different people with different objectives would opt to learn marketing. However, marketing, as you will soon see, is important whether you are in the marketing function or any other function of a business. Besides, marketing is a very exciting field. It requires creativity for success. Thus, you have embarked on the study of an exciting subject, which can also increase your creativity. This course has been designed primarily to develop your awareness of the marketingorientation. It is assumed that such knowledge about marketing decisions and processes will not only improve your personal competence but will also help in attaining your organisations' objectives.
1.2 THE MEANING OF MARKETING Let us start by first understanding the meaning of the word marketing. Thereafter, we will offer you some definitions, and develop the theme further. Let us raise the following question