Question Papers for First Year Engineering 2013

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iii Proximate analysis of coal a Moisture content b Ash content c Volatile matter content c Carbon residue iv Steam emulsification No Anline point determination v Cloud and Pour point determination of lubricating oil 3. Alloy Analysis i Determination of percentage of Fe in an iron alloy by redox titration using N-Phenyl anthranilic acid as internal indicator. ii Determination of Cu and or Cr in alloys by Iodometric Titration.
Engineering Mathematics - I B.E.- 102
Unit I DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS Expansion of functions by Maclaurin s and Taylor s theorem. Partial differentiation, Euler s theorem and its application in approximation and errors, Maxima and Minima of function of two variables, Curvature Radius of curvature, centre of curvature. Unit II INTEGRAL CALCULUS Definite Integrals Definite Integrals as a limit of a sum , its application in Summation of series, Beta and Gamma Functions , Double and Triple Integrals, Change of Order of Integration, Area,Volume and Surfaces using double and triple Integral. Unit III DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS Solution of Ordinary Differential Equation of first order and first degree for Exact differential Equations, Solution of Ordinary Differential Equation of first order and higher degree solvable for p, x and y, Clairauts Equation , Linear Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients, Cauchy s Homogeneous differential Equation, Simultaneous differential Equations, Method of Variation of Parameters Unit IV MATRICES Rank, Solution of Simultaneous equation by elementary transformation, Consistency of System of Simultaneous Linear Equation, Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors, Cayley-Hamilton Theorem and its Application to find the inverse Unit V Algebra of Logic, Boolean Algebra, Principle of Duality, Basic Theorems, Boolean Expressions and Functions. Elementary Concept of Fuzzy Logic Graph Theory Graphs, Subgraphs, Degree and Distance, Tree, cycles and Network,
Common Communication Skills B.E.- 103
Unit I Languages and skills of communication Linguistic techniques, Modern usages, Reading comprehension, English phonetic symbols sings, Oral presentation, Audition Communication, Processes of Communication, Verbal and Non Verbal Communication, Barriers to Communication. Unit II Application of linguistic ability Writing of definitions of Engineering terms, Objects, Processes and Principles Listening Topics of General Interest, Reproduction from business, daily life, travel, health, buying and selling, company structure, systems etc. Unit III Letter Writing Applications, Enquiry, Calling quotations, Tenders, Order and Complaint. Unit IV Precise Writing, Noting and drafting, Technical Description of simple engineering objects and processes writing , Report writing, precise writing, Note writing, Slogan writing comment, Speech advertising.
Unit V Writing Technical reports of the type of observation report, Survey report, Report of trouble, Laboratory