A Colour Atlas of Poultry Diseases

A Colour Atlas of Poultry Diseases A Colour Atlas of Poultry Diseases Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: CBS Publications
ISBN: 9788123928401

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About this eBook

PREFACE This is the first ever such atlas to be produced for Indian farmers and poultry professionals. Its objective is to provide a handy tool to farmers for on-the-spot diagnosis of diseases, under field conditions. Although a large number of laboratory tests, some sophisticated like ELISA and PCR, have been developed for the diagnosis of poultry diseases, they are either not available or are beyond the reach of most farmers. Moreover, by the time birds reach laboratory, they are mostly decomposed and unfit for postmortem examination and disease diagnosis. The delay in diagnosis allows the disease to inflict mortality and ruin farmer s economy. T h e key to disease control then is on-the-spot diagnosis. It is with this objective that the colour atlas has been produced - to make readily available to poultry farmers a handy tool for immediate and accurate disease diagnosis u nder field conditions. A large number of poultry diseases, including the more deadly like Ranikhet and Gumboro, leave their footprints in the dead bird. From these characteristic postmortem findings, it is possible to arrive at a correct diagnosis. The atlas provides 150 coloured photographs and covers a w ide spectrum of poultry diseases. For important diseases, several photographs are given so that at no stage their diagnosis is missed. Also, wherever considered appropriate, pictures of live birds showing symptoms of specific diseases are given. In addition, each disease is accompanied by a brief description that highlights its salient features and also records a u th o r s field observations. As this book is intended exclusively for disease diagnosis, it should be read alongside author s another book - Po u ltry diseases -A guide fo r farm ers p o u ltry professionals 2004 by J. L. Vegad - to obtain information on other aspects of poultry diseases, namely, cause, transmission, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and control. Although the book is written to meet requirements of poultry farmers, it will be equally useful to poultry consultants, diagnostic laboratories, and will acquaint the veterinary students with poultry diseases under field conditions. I am grateful to Shri V N . Dubey, Chairman, Phoenix Group, Jabalpur for writing the F O R E W O R D . I sincerely thank my colleagues in the Phoenix Group Dr. P S. Atkare, Shri S.G. Atkare, Shri S. K. Gorasia, Dr. P K. Tiwari, and Dr. Priti Mishra for their help and support. I express my great appreciation to Dr. Madhu Swamy, Associate Professor of Pathology, for going through the manuscript. I thank Shri Ganga Ram Choudhary and Shri Gajendra Rajput of the Phoenix Lab for their assistance. I am thankful to Shri Suneel Gomber, Manager, International Book Distributing Co., Lucknow, for publication of the Atlas. My nephew, Shri Neeraj Vegad, was not only magnanimous in lending me his camera, but was also most helpful in the photographic work. Shri Anand Parmar and Shri Vijay Parmar of Jabalpur Graphics w ere most generous in the scanning of photographs and other computer work. Finally, I like to express my profound appreciation to my wife Nita for her patience, and for her faith in me and my task. I do hope the Atlas proves useful to all sections of the poultry industry for the purpose for which it is intended. J.L . Vegad
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