Veterinary Preventive Medicine : Bacterial, Fungal and Rickettsial Diseases

Veterinary Preventive Medicine : Bacterial, Fungal and Rickettsial Diseases Veterinary Preventive Medicine : Bacterial, Fungal and Rickettsial Diseases Sample PDF Download
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Preface Scientists are engaged world over to make rapid strides in every field of science and livestock production has not remained untouched. The Indian livestock industry has made rapid progress since Independence but incidence of diseases may be one of the hindrances in the growth. The rapid scientific development undergone by veterinary medicine during our era has made it necessary to obtain more in-depth professional knowledge and to modify the requirements for its study. There are several textbooks on Veterinary Preventive Medicine written by eminent scientists in the world. The purpose of this book is to present in a concise manner the requirement of undergraduate students of Veterinary Science by providing all the needed information comprehensively on Veterinary Preventive Medicine. As per the MSVE regulation, 2008 prescribed by Govt of India for B.V.Sc. A.H Degree, Veterinary Preventive Medicine-I course encompass Bacterial, Fungal and Rickettsial diseases of animals. The book has been designed to give students rapid and easy access to all the information in a syllabus wise format by presenting the subject in a clear, understandable and logically organized way to prepare them for examination and to exploit their potential to a greater extent. Deepika Dhuria A.K. Gahlot A.K. Gupta
Clinical manifestation, diagnosis, prevention and control of infectious diseases, namely mastitis, haemorrhagic septicaemia, brucellosis, tuberculosis, Johne's disease, black quarter, tetanus, listeriosis, leptospirosis, campylobacteriosis, actinomycosis, actinobacillosis, enterotoxaemia, glanders, strangles, ulcerative lymphangitis, colibacillosis, fowl typhoid, pullorum disease, fowl cholera, avian mycoplasmosis, sppirochaetosis, salmonellosis, swine erysipelas. Other important bacterial diseases of regional importance e.g. contagious caprine pleuropneumonia, contagious bovine pleuropneumonia. Bacterial diseases of bio terrorism Instance anthrax, botulism etc., chlamydiosis, Q-fever, anaplasmosis, dermatophilosis, aspergillosis brooders pneumonia , candidiasis, histoplasmosis, sporotrichosis, coccidioidomycosis, mycotoxicosis, etc.