Handbook of General Animal Nutrition

Handbook of General Animal Nutrition Handbook of General Animal Nutrition Sample PDF Download
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ISBN: 9788123926957

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Preface This book is prepared to cater the basic need o f anim al nutrition as a subject of B.V.Sc. A.H. IIn year students and d those who are preparing for JRF Junior Research Fellowship in anim al sciences stream and also for civil services exam ination o f d iffe re n t s ta te s . T h e a n im al n u tritio n P a p e r-I as p er Veterinary Council of India Minimum standards of Veterinary Education Degree Regulation, 1993 includes two courses i.e. ANN- 211 Principles of Animal Nutrition including avian, credit hr. 2 1 and A N N -212 Evaluation of feed stuffs and feed technology, credit hr. 1 1 with equ al w eightage in internal assessm ent as well as external assessment of 50 percent each. The theory and practical portion has also equal weightage in in tern a l and extern al exam in atio n w ith little v ariatio n at institutional level. This book is designed to cover all the material in a concise and course wise format. The objective and subjective questions at the end of each chapter and model test papers at the end of book will help the students for exam ination point of view. List of various books of Indian and Foreign authors which are thoroughly consulted to prepare this m anuscript are also given at the end of this book. These suggested reference books are helpful for detailed study of each and every topic related to the field of animal nutrition. The encouragem ent, guidance and foreword by our m ost reverend Dr. Basant Ram, Vice C hancellor, N .D .U .A . T., Kumarganj, Faizabad UP is gratefully acknowledge. At last authors thankfully acknowledge the help render by renowned personalities of animal nutrition, scientist, faculty members, colleagues, friends, family members, supporting staffs and all th ose w hose d esignation are not m ention ed here. A u th o rs h op e th at th is book a ch ie v e s its o b je c tiv e and popularity am ong students, research scholars, teachers and all concerned persons. U deybir S. Chahal P.S. N iran jan San jay Kumar
Syllabus As per VCI recommendation ANN-211 Principles of Animal Nutrition including Avian Nutrition Cr. Hrs. 2 1 3 T h e o ry H isto ry o f an im al n u tritio n , im p o rta n ce o f nu trien ts in anim al health and production, com position of animal body and plants, comparison between plants and animals, biochem ical basis of soil, plant and animals. Nutritional terms and their definitions. Nutrients and their m etabolism, role and re q u ire m e n ts o f w ater. C a rb o h y d rates - th eir d ig estio n , absorption and metabolism in ruminants and non-ruminants. P roteins and am ino acids, their d igestion, absorp tion and m etabolism. Use of NPN compound for ruminants and nonruminants. Lipids and their utility. Mineral elements and their functions - major elements. Im portance of trace elem ents in