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proper percentage eliminates ageing reduce core loss. Low silicon content steel or dynamo grade steel is used in rotating electrical machines and are operated at high flux density. High content silicon steel 4 to 5 silicon or transformer grade steel or high resistance steel is used in transformers. Further sheet steel may be hot or cold rolled. Cold rolled grain oriented steel CRGOS is costlier and superior to hot rolled. CRGO steel is generally used in transformers. c Special purpose Alloys Nickel iron alloys have high permeability and addition of molybdenum or chromium leads to improved magnetic material. Nickel with iron in different proportion leads to i High nickel permalloy iron molybdenum copper or chromium , used in current transformers, magnetic amplifiers etc., ii Low nickel Permalloy iron silicon chromium or manganese , used in transformers, induction coils, chokes etc. iii Perminvor iron nickel cobalt iv Pemendur iron cobalt vanadium , used for microphones, oscilloscopes, etc. v Mumetal Copper iron d Amorphous alloys often called metallic glasses Amorphous alloys are produced by rapid solidification of the alloy at cooling rates of about a million degrees centigrade per second. The alloys solidify with a glass-like atomic structure which is non-crystalline frozen liquid. The rapid cooling is achieved by causing the molten alloy to flow through an orifice onto a rapidly rotating water cooled drum. This can produce sheets as thin as 10 m and a metre or more wide. These alloys can be classified as iron rich based group and cobalt based group. Maximum permeability x 10-3
Saturation magnetization in tesla
Coercivity A m
Curie temperature o C
Resistivity m x 108
3 Si grain oriented