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Chordate Zoology by E.L. Jordan,Dr. P.S. Verma
Book Summary:

The dimensions of biology are fast increasing with more and more emphasis on cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, physiology, electron microscopy, biotechnology and development biology (embryology), etc. The importance of basic zoology, however, cannot be ignored; most teachers and researchers rightly feel the need for a strong base in general zoology as a prerequisite for all fields of specialisations. Jordan’s “Chordate Zoology” has served a great deal towards the fulfilment of this aim. It has been a national best seller for more than four decades.

Audience of the Book :
Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

New chapters and topics which have been added in the present edition are : (i) Pisces (Fishes) : Labeo rohita (Type study); Comparison of Chondrichthyes and Osteichthyes; Dipnoi; Fin System; Scales; Air-bladder or Swim-bladder; Accessary respiratory organs; Parental care; Migration; and Economic importance. (ii) Amphibia : Parental care; Neoteny and Paedogenesis; Origin and Ancestry. (iii) Reptilia : Calotes versicolar (Type study); Snakes : General account; Reptilia: General account. (iv) Aves : Common Flightless birds (Ratitae); Types of beaks and feet or claws; Types of skull palate; Archaeopteryx and its significance; Birds are glorified reptiles; Birds as a flying machine; Aerial or flight adaptations; Migration; and Economic importance. (v) Mammalia : Prototheria (Order Monotremata); Metatheria; Dentition; Aquatic mammals and adaptations; Flying (Volant) mammals and adaptations; Adaptive radiations; Adaptive convergence; Origin and Ancestry; and Economic importance. (vi) Vertebrate Embryology and Comparative Anatomy: Several new topics have been added. (vii) Wildlife in India. (viii) Glossary.

The examination oriented text is written for all students, even for those who do not have a good background in the subject. The language is simple, explanations are clear, and presentation is very systematic. To improve scientific accuracy, about 706 well-labelled diagrams have been included at appropriate places. Important words are given in bold face and definitions in italics.

Table of Contents:

Protochordates:Hemicholrdata 1.Urochordata Cephalochordata 2. Vertebrates : Cyclostomata 3. Agnatha, Pisces Amphibia 4. Reptilia 5. Aves 6. Mammalia 7 Comparative Anatomy:lntegumentary System 8 Skeletal System 9. Coelom and Digestive System 10 Respiratory System 11. Circulatory System 12. Nervous System 13. Receptor Organs 14 Endocrine System 15 Urinogenital System 16 Embryology Some Comparative Charts of Protochordates 17 Some Comparative Charts of Vertebrate Animal Types 18 Index