Methods in Aquatic Ecology

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Preface In the modem era of science and technology the activities of man is increasingly posing threat to regional, national and global environments. Pollution in different forms and variable quantities in grossly influencing the physico-chemical and biological properties of major ecosystems. The aquatic ecosystems being directly exposed to human activities are not exceptional to this. Considering the increasing level of pollution and other environmental problems associated with aquatic ecosystems and freshwater standing ecosystems in particular, the need for management of these ecosystems has been felt at various national and international fora. For sustainable use of aquatic ecosystems for various purposes appropriate strategies are to be evolved. In this context, therefore for the efficient environmental monitoring, surveillance and studies appropriate methods are needed. Considering this, the present book has been presented to cover a wide range of methods usually required in freshwater ecology, limnology and hydrobiological investigations. Through this book an attempt has been made to give simple methods for water quality analysis with brief theoretical background for the ecological parameters. While narrating a particular water quality parameter efforts has been made to give its relevance with public health, fisheries and such other purposes. Besides including several physico-chemical water quality parameters normally used in water quality studies, biological methods plankton, periphyton, benthos and macrophytes have also been presented in a justifiable manner. Similarly, a section pertaining to aquatic microbiology is also included in this manuscript. Besides these, at the end some useful information comprising of water quality standards, water classification, water distribution and brief glossary of common terms related to aquatic ecology have been attached to this book.
This book has been written in a simplified manual style with necessary illustrations to further elaborate the subject. It is hoped that this publication will be useful to a wide range of researchers engaged in water quality studies. For the preparation of this manuscript the encouragement and moral support received from Prof. G.S. Sharma Dean, RCA, M PU A T , Udaipur , Prof. Pratap Singh Director Research, M PU A T , Udaipur and Prof. V.S. Durve Ex Prof. Head Dept, of Limnology and Fisheries, M PU A T, Udaipur is gratefully acknowledged. We are highly thankful to Dr. P.K. Dashora Assoc. Prof. Statistics, M PU A T, Udaipur for the useful suggestions on biometrics section of this manuscript. We extent heartly thanks to the staff members of Limnology and Fisheries Department M PU A T , Udaipur namely - Dr. O.P. Sharma, Dr. A.K. Gupta, Dr. S.K. Sharma, Dr. B.K. Sharma Dr. S. Mathur for their timely help and co-operation. We also acknowledge the assistance extended by Mr. Bhupendra Jain, Mahaveer Thesis Typing Centre, Udaipur for the efficient word processing of this manuscript.