Cellular And Biochemical Science

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Cellular And Biochemical Science by G Tripathi
Book Summary:

The last five decades have witnessed a tremendous upsurge in the amount of xenobiotic compounds in the environment by industrial activities, some of them being highly toxic, recalcitrant with high bio-accumulating and bio-magnification properties. Whilst biotechnology is the development of products or processes using plants, animals or micro-organisms, ''Environmental Biotechnology'' is the multidisciplinary integration of sciences and engineering to utilise the huge biochemical potential of microorganisms and plants for the sustenance of resources. Recent advances in biotechnology have driven forward the harnessing of micro-organisms and plants to help and protect our fragile environment and formation of ecofriendly products. 

Audience of the Book :
 The textBOOK is also relevant to the students of Life Sciences, Biosciences, Cell Biology, Bioengineering and Pharmacology.
Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1.Spread across 58 in-depth chapters, the book contains a wealth of information in all the important areas of cell biology, molecular biology, genetics and biochemistry.

2.Additional dedicated chapters on select laboratory and computational methods have also been included.

3.Each chapter is embedded with end-of-the-chapter summary, references, suggested readings, and review questions which includes long questions and multiple choice questions with answer keys.

Table of Contents:

1. Cell Organelles And Cell Cycle

2. Biocatalysis And Kinetics

3. Hormone And Signal Transduction

4. Structure And Function Of Nucleic Acids

5. Chromosome And Heterochromatization

6. Mutation And Transposition

7. Differentiation And Development

8. Immunity And Monoclonal Antibodies

9. Genomics And Proteomics

10. Polymerase Chain Reaction And Gene Silencing

11. Carcinogensis Disorders And Detoxifacation

12. Gene Technology And Its Application

13. Tissue Culture And Liposome Technology

14. Microbes Toxins And Antibiotics

15. Nucleic Acid Sequencing And Hybridization

16. Electrophoresis And Cytometry

17. Gel Filtration And Chromatography

18. Biophysical Methods In Biology

19. Bioinformatics