A Textbook of Biotechnology

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A Textbook of Biotechnology by R C Dubey
Book Summary:

Recently, biotechnology has been introduced in syllabi of most of the universities, at the under graduate and/or postgraduate level(s), either as a separate paper or a part of it. The author has been teaching biotechnology for the last two years and realises the problems of students. Therefore, this book is compiled to provide the students, the current informations on different areas of biotechnology.

Due to expanding horizon of biotechnology, it was difficult to accommodate the current information of biotechnology in detail. Therefore, a separate book entitled Advanced Biotechnology has been written for the Postgraduate students of Indian University and Colleges. Therefore, the present form of A Textbook of Biotechnology is totally useful for undergraduate students. A separate section of Probiotics has been added in Chapter 18.

Chapter 27 on Experiments on Biotechnology has been deleted from the book because most of the experiments have been written in ';Practical Microbiology' by R.C. Dubey and D.K. Maheshwari. Bibliography has been added to help the students for further consultation of resource materials.

Audience of the Book :
This edition will be useful for all University/College students where biotechnology is being taught at Undergraduate levels. It will also be useful to all those students who are preparing for civil and various competitive examinations.[For University and College Students in India and Abroad]

Table of Contents:

1. Biotechnology: Scope And Importance

2. Genes: Nature, Concept And Synthesis

3. Tools Of Genetic Engineering - I : Basic Requirements

4. Tools Of Genetic Engineering–II: Cutting And Joining Of DNA

5. Tools Of Genetic Engineering – III:

Cloning Vectors 6. Techniques Of Genetic Engineering (Cloning Methods And DNA Analysis)

7. Genetic Engineering For Human Welfare

8. Genomics And Proteomics 9. Bioinformatics

10. Animal Cell, Tissue And Organ Culture

11. Manipulation Of Reproduction And Transgenic Animals

12. In Vitro Culture Techniques Of Plant Cells, Tissues And Organs

13. Applications Of Plant Cell, Tissues And Organ Cultures

14. Molecular Markers Of Plant And Animal Genomes

15. Cryopreservation

26. Biotechnology And Biosafety, Intellectual Property Right (IPR) And Protection (IPP) Glossary Bibliography Index