Introduction to BiotechnologyBy Dr. B.L.Saini

Introduction to BiotechnologyBy Dr. B.L.Saini Introduction to BiotechnologyBy Dr. B.L.Saini Sample PDF Download
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Preface The present book, Introduction to Biotechnology, is written strictly according to the syllabus of B.Tech.-Ist Year of Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. This book is of immense help to the students pursuing undergraduate courses in Biological Sciences in general and those who are studying B.Tech. Biotechnology or B.Sc. Biotechnology in particular as in it diverse basic concepts of Life science and Biotechnology have been explained in simple, easy to understand language. This book is divided into four units and contains a total of 12 chapters. The first unit of this book deals with the fundamental concepts of matter, life, and energy. It has been a topic of concern to the man of all ages to know how and when life originated. Is it present only on the earth or also elsewhere This topic is discussed in the beginning of the first unit. The other topics included in this unit are cell as the basic structural and functional unit of life structure of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell biomolecules and enzymes. The second unit of the book is related to diversity of life systems. In this section some important and basic aspects of plant system, animal system and microbial system are discussed. These three types of systems are necessary for the sustenance of the life on the planet earth. The third unit presents an insight about the basic and fundamental concepts of organic evolution, Mendel s laws of inheritance, cell division, experimental evidences in support of nucleic acids DNA or RNA as the genetic material, and an introduction to current topics like genetic engineering, genomics and bioinformatics. The fourth unit is devoted to Biotechnology the revolutionary science of the 21st century. Biotechnology has lots of scope and it is playing a significant role in the field of agriculture, industry, medicine and health care and in reducing the pollution and in the management of the environment. Every concept explained in this book is well documented and supported by self explanatory neat and well labeled diagrams with latest information. During the course of writing of this book I received whole hearted support from my friends and fellow colleagues I acknowledge thanks to all of them. I am very thankful to my family members, my wife Monica and my sons Ishan and Dipank for sparing me from the household chores while writing the book. My younger son Dipank who is in 7th standard deserves special thanks as most of the diagrams in the present book are drawn with his help. Author
Theory 100 marks Sessional 50 marks Total 150 marks Time 3 hrs.
UNIT I Introduction to Life Characteristics of living organisms. Hierarchy of organisation and factors responsible for regulating different levels of organisations. Structure of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell. Basic concept of state and homeostasis. Introduction to Biomolecules Definition, general classification and important functions of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids and vitamins.