Experimental Stress Analysis eBook By Dr. Sadhu Singh

Experimental Stress Analysis eBook By Dr. Sadhu Singh
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Experimental Stress Analysis eBook By Dr. Sadhu Singh

ISBN: 9788174091826

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Experimental Stress Analysis

About The Book

This book has been written to serve as textbook which is now being offered to students in Mechanical, production, Civil and Aeronautical Engineering both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.An essential feature of the book in hand is its completeness in all respect. A reasonably deep coverage is presented on each topic incorporating the latest information available. A must of problems have been solved in each chapter with a purpose to illustrate the fundamental principles of various methods of stress analysis. At the end of each chapter quiz questions, numerous exercises and references have been added for practice and further reading.A special advantage of the book is its presentation, which is simple and thorough. The material embodied has been carefully chosen from various research journals and books and assimilated by the author over the past many years.

Table Of Contents

1. Basic Equations of Elasticity

2. 2D Problems in Polar Coordinates

3. Torsion of prismatic Bars

4. 3D Problems

5. Bending of Plates

6. Beams on Elastic Foundation

7. Numerical and Energy Methods

8. Hertz's Contact Stresses

9. 2D Problems in Cartesian Coordinates

10. 2D Problems in Curvilinear Coordinates

11. Bending of Prismatic Bars

12. Axisymmetric Problems

13. Thin Shells

14. Beam Columns

15. Thermal Stress

16. Stress-Concentration Problems