Entreprenurship and Small Business Management By Ms. Soni Sharma and Gunjan Maheshwari

Entreprenurship and Small Business Management By Ms. Soni Sharma and Gunjan Maheshwari Entreprenurship and Small Business Management By Ms. Soni Sharma and Gunjan Maheshwari Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Vayu Education
ISBN: 9789383137619
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PREFACE It is giving me immense pleasure in presenting this edition of Entrepreneurship Development It has been written with several goals in mind. It is designed to provide all essential information according to the syllabus and needs of the students. I hope that this book will fulfill the requirement of the readers. The Vayu Publication deserves special appreciation for his painstaking effort in bringing out this book in such an excellent form. Inspite of all effort some errors might be there in the matter. I shall be grateful to the readers of this book if would bring their suggestions in my notice .Suggestions and comments for further improvement of the book will be gratefully acknowledged. Special thanks to Ms.Gunjan Maheshwari for her constant support in the completion of this book. I am grateful to Mr. Santram Singh and Ms. Preeti Singh for their backend support August 2013
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Introduction, Meaning and definition of entrepreneur, Meaning and definition of entrepreneurship, Concept of entrepreneurship, Characteristics of an Entrepreneur, Role and importance of entrepreneurship in Indian economym, Theories of entrepreneurship, Traits of successful entrepreneur, Types of entrepreneur, Distinction between entrepreneur and manager, Barriers to entrepreneurship, Problems faced by entrepreneur. UNIT II ENTREPRENEURIAL DEVELOPMENT
Entrepreneurial development, Entrepreneurial development in India, The Evolution of Entrepreneurship, Environment, Infrastructure, Significance and role of environment infrastruc-tural network, Four basic questions about any new proposal, Environmental analysis, Changes in the macro environment, Incremental Change, External Environment, Purpose of Environmental Analysis, Environmental Analysis Process, Limitations of Environmental Analysis, Entrepreneurship development programme EDP , Meaning, Importance, Phases of Entrepreneurial Developement Programme, Institutions Conducting EDPs in India UNIT III TRANSPORTATION PROBLEM Introduction, Objectives, Transportation model, Definitions, Transportation Problem, Formulation of a general transportation problem, Initial Basic Feasible Solution, Properties of a Basic feasible Solution, Optimality Test