Sodic Soils- Their Reclamation and Management

Sodic Soils- Their Reclamation and Management Sodic Soils- Their Reclamation and Management Sample PDF Download
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Preface The salt-affected soils are widespread in several countries of the world and present a serious problem of immence practical importance for crop production in view of their peculiar inhospitable characteristics for plant growth despite inherent potentialities. The nature of this problem is such that it restricts economic uilization of land resources thus adversely affecting crop production especially in semi arid and arid conditions. Faced with the dilemma of salt affected soils for long time, mankind considered such soils as uncultivable waste lands and confined their energies to better soils. This is notably the case as sodic alkalizaion hinders agricultural production or even makes it impossible on otherwise fertile areas and on areas being important from the point of view of farming. Because of food shortage besetting man-kind in various parts of the world, man is now forced to find ways and means of utilizing salt affected soils. Realizing the fact that geographical area cannot be expended and that enhancement of productivity of crops grown on good soils is possible only to a limited extent, there is world-wide demographic pressure to attempt to cultivate all hitherto barren salt affected soils. Efforts of the soil scientists, agronomists, plant physiologists and agricultural engineers have been afoot to diagnose and rectify the limps and shrinks of alkali soils, all over the world. The accurate and precise adoption of alkali ameliorative measures is very important because the right and useful treatment accruing practical results depends on that. The available knowledge has to be applied in practice in right prespective speedily and research has to be continued steadily to restore the productivity of alkali lands. An objective portrayl of the true state of art in the amelioration and management of alkali soils and prevention of alkalisation in the newly irrigated lands, is an equally challaging task. This monograph entitled Sodic Soils their Reclaimation and Management is therefore bound to prove useful. I sincerely thank M s Agrotech Publishing Academy, Udaipur for publishing the book in a shortest possible time. Suggestions for improvement of the present book form worthy teachers and student will be gratefully acknowledged.
L.L. Somani
Contents Preface About the Book About the Authour 1. Preamble 1.1 Introduction 1.2 There are Practically no Real Saline Soils 1.3 Crop growth is adversely affected through