Methods in Environmental Analysis : Water Soil and Air

Methods in Environmental Analysis : Water Soil and Air Methods in Environmental Analysis : Water Soil and Air Sample PDF Download
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In the recent past, the economic importance of Jatropha has increased because of its oil as a diesel substitute. Jatropha properties such as it adapts well to semi-arid marginal sites, its oil can be processed for use as a diesel fuel substitute and can be used for erosion control have won over the attention of various development agencies. In spite of several uses of Jatropha, not much attention has been paid to Jatropha cultivation. The problem of unemployment and pollution in the country to some extent can be tackled by adoption of Jatropha farming. Such persons need a comprehensive training on the subject. The literature available on Jatropha cultivation is scanty and scattered here and there. In this book, the authors have made an attempt to bring all aspects related to Jatropha cultivation at a single place, in a systematic manner and in a layman s language. The authors are hopeful that the efforts made in this direction will prove to be useful to the nurserymen, foresters, Jatropha growers, environmentalists, students, and horticulturists and above all to those who have an inclination toward nature. The
Jatropha curcus L. Silviculture and Uses
suggestions for the improvement of this book are welcome. The authors claim no originality in writing this book except for the arrangement and presentation of the subject matter. A large number of books, journals and proceedings of symposia and workshops have been consulted. A list of these is given at the end of the book as bibliography. We are highly thankful to Dr. J.S. Yadava, Regional Director, CCSHAU Regional Research Station, Bawal for his kind all round help during the preparation of this manuscript. We are also thankful to Dr. V.K. Yadav for the valuable suggestions for the improvement of the manuscript. Dr. D.R. Chauhan, Dr. R.A. Kaushik, Dr. D.V. Pathak, Dr. S.K. Sharma, Er. S.P. Bansal, Mr. Pushkar Dutt and Mr. Ranvir Mor and other faculty members of this research station deserve special thanks for their help and encouragement.
Naresh Kaushik Sushil Kumar
Jatropha curcus L. Silviculture and Uses