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Preface This book has been primarily written for the undergraduate students in Energy Technology and Environmental Science and Engineering. This book can also be adopted as a text for the course on renewable energy for other disciplines of applied science and engineering. Practicing scientists and engineers will find this book as an excellent reference. This book has been based on the materials prepared for teaching the courses on Energy and Environment to the students of Environmental Science Discipline at Khulna University. This book covers the wide spectrum of solar radiation, elements of heat transfer, solar collectors and applications of solar collectors. Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 have been devoted to energy from biomass and biogas digesters. Chapter 7 presents theory of wind power, wind energy conversion systems and their applications. Chapter 8 gives a comprehensive treatment of photovoltaic generation of electricity and its applications. Chapter 9 presents the impacts of energy production and use on environment. A good number of problems have been solved to help understand the relevant theory. I have great pleasure in expressing the acknowledgments, which I owe to many persons in writing this book. I warmly recognize the continuing debt to my teacher, Dr. A. M. Z. Huq, late emeritus professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh who inspired me in writing this book. My thanks are also due to my students who have contributed significantly to this book through their questions and discussions. I owe thanks to Mr. B.K. Biswas for typing the manuscript and Mr. Anowar Ali for drawing the figures. Author
1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 General 1.2 Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Resources 1.3 Factors to be Considered for Efficient Application of Renewable Energy 1.4 Commercial Energy Sources 1.5 Nonconventional Energy 1.5.1 Solar Energy 1.5.2 Biomass Energy