Integrated Rural Energy Planning

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Energy is a m ajor constraint in the econom ic developm ent of the rural areas. Energy is required fo r basic needs, that is, fo r cooking, heating lighting as w ell as productive activities including irrigation, cultivation, m echanisation, rural industries, transportation and other agricultural activities. There are num ber of energy sources, conven tional as w ell as non conventional, available in rural areas w hich include K erosene, Diesel, Petrol and other Petroleum products for m eeting rural needs. In addition to this, non-conventional energy sources, m ostly New and R enew able Energy sources in the form of Solar Energy, Bio Energy, Biogas, Im proved chulha, W ind Energy are also available in plenty in rural areas. There are num ber of rural developm ent program m es fo r supply of energy which are readily available in our country to th ese areas, which include rural e le ctrifica tion, biogas program m e, fuel-w ood plantations, social forestry etc. However, the fundam ental problem in rural energy planning can be exploitation of energy resources according to requirem ent i.e. optim um energy flow to m eet the energy needs with available resources. In th e planning it is essential to consider appropriate technically feasible option. In order to m eet essential rural energy requirem ents and for fulfilling the norms of energy conservation in present energy quest and fo r best utilisation of available conventional as well as non conventional energy sources, it is essential that sources need to be used in integrated manner. Therefore, Integrated Rural Energy Planning IREP is essential fo r developing country like India. The IREP involves num ber of inputs, w hich are basically derived on present energy consum ption pattern and decentralised energy planning. The integrated rural energy planning program m e is different from other rural developm ent program m es. It require know ledge of a great num ber o f topics.
Keeping this in view, this book is written with the primary objective to present the concept and basis of Integrated Rural Energy Planning. The contents of book can easily be grouped into four major aspects. The first aspect include fundamental and design of energy system and specially design of Integrated Rural Energy Planning System. This include general characteristics of Energy and its role in different essential activities, followed by need for IREP and essential of IREP i.e. energy assessment different approaches for IR EP and preparation of block level IREP projects. The second aspect of this book deals with energy integration techniques, energy forecasting and rural energy modelling with special emphasis on computer modelling techniques. In the third aspect, the application of different New and Renewable Energy sources including Solar Energy, Bio energy, Wind energy, Biogas, Improved cookstoves Rural electrification has been included. The fourth section of the book consists of techno-economic analysis of