Modern Plant Pathology

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PREFACE Friends I have pleasure in offering the new edition with great zeal. I feel happy to remember that this book was first published in 1976 as A Text book of Modern Plant Pathology Bilgrami Dube by VIKAS, New Delhi. Now it is 38 years young It was Modern in 1976 and it is so in 2014. This has been the endeavour of the author to live this hallmark . JG Horsfall once said, "Plant pathology has been kind to me. It took me all over the world ." Permit me a little temerity to say, I too feel the same, but with a difference. It enabled me to enjoy reading so many branches of Life Sciences, which, otherwise, would not have been possible. There has never been a dull moment. Watching the incessant biochemical "tug of war" between the pathogens and the host is thrilling The penchant of the author for history is justifiable. If you want to make history, read history. And, didn't Louis Pasteur say, "History of science is science itself" The epic events described in first chapter on History of Plant Pathology, indicate how basic science has been a point of pride in our science. This is evident by the influx of molecular biologists, biochemists, computer experts, and by the routine use of most modern techniques for detection of pathogens and for prying deep to locate the biochemical lesions in the host. The use of molecular cloning and its spin-off technologies have contributed much in understanding "How things work". It helps in controlling and managing the disease. Transgenic plants have been made that providie resistance against insect pests, viruses, fungi, bacteria and herbicides. It is essential to be abreast in related areas to understand plant pathology as it is now. I remember, always, with gratitude my mentor late Prof. KS Bilgrami under whose tutelage I have grown. I fondly remember Prof. HP Srivastava, Prof. K Natarajan and Prof. RN Swamy who are no more to guide but I continue getting their inspiration in more subtle way. I have enjoyed gleaning the vast literature and provide an up-to-date, modern understanding of plant pathology to the students. Every mother produces a Christ, and to me it is beautiful book, though imperfect. Later authors will write better books and students will be benefited. Good luck. H. C. DUBE
Dedicated to
Dr. H.P. Srivastava Professor of Botany JNV University Jodhpur Rajasthan
Dr. K. Natarajan
Prof. of Mycology CAS in Botany University of Madras Chennai
Their demise has left me