Varieties of Horticultural Crops

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PREFACE Horticulture is one of the new- found interest in the field of Agriculture. It is gaining importance as it offers con siderable employment potential in the field of production, processing and marketing. It has also a unique role in India's economy and nutrition security. In spite of being a world leader in major horticultural crops like fruits, vegetables and spices production, India is often lagging behind in global export mainly when the quality aspects appear in the fore front. Quality produce is expected only with the quality plant ing materials. Knowledge and carefulness on planting mate rials and varieties are, therefore, very much essential particu larly in this competitive global economy. Unfortunately quan tum of information and efficient characterization of all horti cultural crops varieties are inadequate in a compiled form even in this dot com era. The present book is a humble effort in this direction in which the authors have mainly attempted to accumulate all possible information on various horticultural variety includ ing the hybrids which led to a meteoric rise in the production and productivity of horticultural crops in India. The multi faceted horizons of horticulture which the authors want to highlight in this book are fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices and plantation crops. The book is largely based on informa tion acquired by the authors from different books, journals, bulletins etc. The first objective of this book is to bring to gether the diverse information relating to a wide range of
varieties of various horticultural crops. The text is designed for use by college and university students, teachers, research ers, extension workers, nurserymen, amateur gardeners and professionals who find themselves involved in horticultural field in different parts of the world. We take this opportunity to gratefully acknowledge various sources of publications from which different infor mation for this book has been gathered. The present book is in no way complete in all respect. We welcome valuable sug gestions, comments and positive criticisms from the readers to make the book bigger in quantity, better in quality and add extra flavour. This will definitely provide necessary en couragement to present the book in an improved and re newed shape in its forthcoming appearance. Then only we believe, the book will find its way. Then only, we believed, the book will find it towards completion.