Physiology and Post Harvest Management of Horticultural Crops

Physiology and Post Harvest Management of Horticultural Crops Physiology and Post Harvest Management of Horticultural Crops Sample PDF Download
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PREFACE Horticultural crop production based on a complex of imperfect methods derived as a result of trial and error is unrewarding. It is the purpose of this book to bring out the application of plant physiology to the art and practice of fruit culture. Several plant growth regulators are commercially employed in production and quality improvement of horticultural crops. These include Dormax for hastening bud burst in grape NAA and 2,4-D for control of fruit drop in mango and citrus urea spray for crop regulation in guava. Paclobutrazol and calcium carbide for flower induction in mango and pineapple and GA for improving berry elongation in table and resin grapes respectively. There is a need to lay sufficient emphasis on post-harvest management of horticultural produce. Some technologies, which require to be available and followed include Modified Atmosphere Packaging MAP , Modified Humidity Packing MHP , biodegradable film packing and hypobaric storage. In recent years, irradiation of fresh or pre-packed food has shown it to be a safe technology. It can delay ripening and senescence, inhibit sprouting of root crops and control fungal decay. Cool chain is another temperature management facility which can suitably preserve perishable horticultural crops from point of origin to consumer. There is a lot of room for improvement in processing infrastructure besides ensuring quality through use of technologies like extrusion process, individual quick freezing IQF , osmotic processing, aseptic packaging in Hurdle technologies. There is a scope for diversifying value-added produce in coconut, banana, pomegranate, bael, phalsa, jamun, watermelon, papaya and mango. In case India has to make a firm footing in the International trade, strict adherence to International Standards of quality is required. With the signing of WTO and Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures SP and Technical Barriers to Trade
TBT Agreements, the international scenario is rapidly changing with quality and safety, gaining further significance. As a result, maintenance of quality standards through GMP and HACCP in processed products is a major concern and requires strict adherence in commodities meant for export. To fulfil the require ment of undergraduate and post graduate horticulture course curriculum, this book Physiology and Post Harvest Management of Horticultural Crops is being brought out. The present book is an effort in which the author has attempted to describe the fruit physiology, unfruitfulness, flowering, par thenocarpy, climacteric and non-climacteric fruits, plant