Post harvest physiology and quality management of fruits and vegetables

Post harvest physiology and quality management of fruits and vegetables Post harvest physiology and quality management of fruits and vegetables Sample PDF Download
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Preface India is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world next behind to china. However, the post harvest loss is very high due to poor storage facilities and inadequate processing industries. The total wastage in all food sectors is as high as 50,000 crores. The main reason behind this huge loss is due to unawareness over Perishability of different horticultural produces, poor transport facilities, in adequate cold storage, etc. Quality is the another important factor in harvested produces to look upon for export and fetch higher prices in the market. The problem is immense since time immemorial. However, there are only few books in the shelf to impart some knowledge on PHT in quality to the farmers, entrepreneurs, teachers and students. Keeping in mind, the above said problems, the book is designed to deal the post harvest life of horticultural produces and the quality management in detail, spread over 25 chapters. The book is divided into two parts in such a way that the first part deal with the importance of post harvest losses, effect of ethylene and respiration in shelf life of the commodities, packaging of commodities, different storage method, marketing of produces, post harvest practices for individual crops and food hazards. Chapter 15, exclusively deals with the Post harvest operations to be followed on individual crops. The second part of the book is deals with the quality characteristics to be considered, HACCP, grading, food law and food trade. We took some privilege in quoting examples from animal food in quality chapters to explain the things in most easy ways. This book is directed to teachers at agricultural universities, under graduate and post graduate students of horticulture, extension personnel and other training institutions. We hope, this will serves as better guide for all who are involved in handling fresh commodities. As the subject is very complex, involves multi discipline like physiology, bio chemistry and horticulture, we have restricted our self to much on post harvest handling. We are highly acknowledging and appreciating the people who give suggestion for further improvement of this small work. - Authors
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