Advances in Seed Science and Technology (Vol. 3): Forest Tree Seed Technology and Management

Advances in Seed Science and Technology (Vol. 3): Forest Tree Seed Technology and Management Advances in Seed Science and Technology (Vol. 3): Forest Tree Seed Technology and Management Sample PDF Download
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Today, we are in a situation to increase the production of wood from the decreasing timber growing land. There is an increasing awareness worldwide that unless we go for gene conservation, reforestation and intensive forest management,we will be unable to stop the serious depletion of the forest. The importance of seed technology in the production of good quality seeds is recognized and the advances and technologies of forest tree seed technology is compiled and furnished in this volume. There is an extensive research work done in the field of forest tree seed technology and they seem to be scattered. This volume Forest Tree Seed Technology and Management presents an expanded coverage of various recent trends in forest tree seed technology and management. The major tree species are propagated by seeds and hence, it is essential to know about the seed biology of tree species of importance. The chapters Tree seed structure and biology, Flower and fruit structures in forest trees and Fertilization in forest trees provides much information on seed biology. The information about the ecological aspects are furnished in the chapters Revitalization of industrial effluents for enhancing seed germination and seed survival, Use of tree seeds in water clarification, Revegetation of minespoils by soil and seed management techniques, imperative of rain water harvesting and reuse and recycling in cities in South and Biological reclamation as a sustainability indicator . The advances in the seed germination and vigour are discussed in the chapters Seed source on seed germination, Assessment of vigour in tree seeds, Physiological manipulations to improve germination, survival and establishment in tree species, Germination and vigour of neem seed under moisture stress environment and Botanicals seed treatment for increasing germination and seedling vigour of important trees . The chapter Pest management in tree plantations and Tree seed pathology covers different management of important forest trees. The seed enhancement and seed handling techniques are discussed in the chapters Seed pelleting in tree species, Seed quality enhancement in neem, jamun, kapok, and amla, Seed enhancement technologies for improvement of viability and vigour in pungam, vagai, tamarind and karuvel, Incubation, drying and separation method to separate viable from non viable seeds species and Seed Quality enhancement technologies for maximizing the tree seed quality . The goal of tree improvement is to understand and maintain good genetic resources by selection of superior trees and the same is discussed in the chapters Selection of candidate plus trees for tree seed collection and Nursery management techniques for elite seedling production in tree species . Reforestation is the present thirst due to serious depletion of the forests for urbanization. This aspect is dealt in the chapter Approaches in reforestation and tree improvement . Various factors which affect forest tree seed production are also explained in detail. Biotechnological aspects of forest tree seeds are discussed in the chapter Recent trends in somatic embryogenesis and synthetic seed for tree seed regeneration .
Other topics discussed in this volume include Allelopathy consequences and uses, Forest tree seed research in Tamil Nadu, Biological nitrogen fixation in forest trees . Thus, this book will provide information of recent advances and technologies with relevant literatures for the researchers, scientists and students working in the field of forestry. K. VANANGAMUDI K. NATARAJAN T. SARAVANAN N. NATARAJAN R. UMARANI A. BHARATHI P. SRIMATHI