Wealth from Farm Waste

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Livestock and agriculture are inseparable rural activities in India and are responsible for livelihood of nearly 75 per cent of the Indian population. The household livestock and agricultural activities are now slowly turning into medium and large scale commercial avocations. It will not be fair to say that the livestock including poultry, fishery and agricultural by-products are wasted, but they are rather underutilized. Value addition to these by adopting eco-friendly technologies will generate more revenue and reduce environments pollution. Current pace of urbanization, consumerist societies and waste generation pose formidable challenges to global sustainability in many ways. Most of the developing Asian countries have been experiencing waste management problems in terms of collection, disposal, financial constraints and weak policy instruments. In the recent years, the 3 R s of waste management viz. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle initiatives of good practices and educational campaigns have been promoting the values of integrated waste management and resource consumption. Recent World Bank survey reveals that the urban areas in Asia generate 760,000 tons of municipal solid waste per day and in the year 2025 this figure may reach 1.8 million tones per day. Not only in the urban areas but also in rural parts of every nation, production and accumulation of waste create great hazards, leads to endangering the environment unfit for human habitation. Specifically methane production by the bovine dung, poultry droppings and incineration of agricultural waste increase the green house gases and reduce the oxygen content in the atmosphere. Global warming potential of Methane is stronger
4 than carbon dioxide hence more carbon credits can be obtained in waste management projects. Present system of collecting, transporting and dumping the waste in an open area is not a correct method of waste disposal. Hence it becomes a challenge for human society as a whole especially scientific community in particular to find solutions to convert the waste into wealth. This compilation is a humble attempt to generate awareness amongst the academicians, entrepreneurs and students. We have tried to make the topics as comprehensive yet in simple language for the benefit of the readers, however certain errors may creep in for which suggestions and comments will be appreciated. VV Kulkarni A Kalaikannan D Santhi