Principles and Practices of Agronomy

Principles and Practices of Agronomy Principles and Practices of Agronomy Sample PDF Download
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PREFACE TO SECOND EDITION In this age of information technology quiet a lot of information is available in all the fields. In agriculture front and particularly in the subject of agronomy, the information is vast. Choosing the required information is difficult especially for the young graduate students who initiate into the subject. It is the prime duty of the teachers to compile the subject in a comprehensive manner so that the students can easily understand them. The chapters have been chosen and arranged in such a manner that it will explore the entire gamut of agronomy. Some of the chapters such as Agroforestory and Wasteland Development, Post-harvest Management and Information Technology in Agronomy are exclusive to this book. In this period of competitiveness, one has to be updated with the latest knowledge. Hence in this second edition, efforts have been made to update the available information. The first chapter, field crops-overview, has been completely revised incorporating the latest available data. Additional information has been provided in the chapters such as Nutrient Management mainly organic farming, Watershed management, Farming system. Information Technology in the field of Agronomy has been added in the last chapter. We hope that this book will serve as a textbook for the graduate students and teachers in agricultural institutions and those who are interested in the subject. We always welcome valuable suggestions to improve the text which will be verywell incorporated during the next revision. The authours thank profusely the publishers, Agrobios India , to bring the second edition nicely and mainly for the cheaper paper back copies exclusively for the students. January 29, 2004
PREFACE TO FIRST EDITION This is the age of information technology. Information is exploding on all fronts. Sometimes one is totally confounded and clueless about sieving the mass of information and choosing the one required by him her. This is especially so for the young undergraduate students and those who are initiated into a subject. It is important for the teachers to process the mass of information and make it available to the students in an easily understandable manner. The information provided should not only be simple to understand but also to comprehend in an integrated manner. With the expanding horizon of knowledge in agriculture, particularly crop production, there have been several attempt in this direction keeping in view the undergraduate syllabus of agronomy for the agriculture students followed in agricultural universities, as recommended by the Deans Committee of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research. We believe that the book will be useful to the undergraduate students in agriculture, teachers in agricultural instititions and those who are interested in the subject. The chapters have been