Participatory irrigation management

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Preface G overnm ent agencies in a num ber of countries are transferring rights and responsibilities fo r the m anagem ent of irrigation system s to private or local persons or organizations. This has been seen as a way of reducing
the financial burden
on governm ent agencies
besides im proving agricultural production and ensuring the long term sustainability of irrigation system s. In India, user's participation in the m anagem ent of irrigation system s has also been introduced w here w ater users have been m otivated to play a greater role in overall m anagem ent of d istributaries and som e cases even of main canals. This m ovem ent has been fam ed as PIM P articipatory Irrigation M anagem ent and m ajor thrust in the country saw for this after eighties. Various success stones in states like Andhra Pradesh, Gujrat, M aharastra, Bihar etc. have been reported. W ith passing tim e various shortcom ings were realized under PIM such as increasing conflicts betw een w ater users over sharing and distribution of canal water,
betw een
w ater
m anagers
w ater
distribution, m anagem ent and m aintenance etc. Em ergence of most of these problem s was d irectly related to on-farm w ater m anagem ent activities, from w here the dem and of w ater em erges. As it is evident that day to day with greater em phasis on increasing food grain production and efficient m anagem ent of natural resources suitable m odern technologies is the need of the hour. This will lead to an effective o n-farm w ater m anagem ent as w ater is one of the m ajor input required fo r crop production by practicing irrigation. It