Manuring for Higher Crop Production

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Preface to First Edition In the following pages I have collected information about manures and soil management which will I hope prove helpful to farmers in drawing up their schemes for cropping. Conditions are changing so quickly, and labour and transport difficulties react in such complex ways, that no general advice could hold good all round. All farmers ought to increase the produce of their land, and most of them are trying to do so. I have aimed at giving them facts from which they can draw conclusions suited to their own conditions and bearing on their own problems. In agriculture the judgment of the man on the spot has usually to be final, and the more clearly he has the facts before him the sounder the judgment is likely to be. Fortunately the system of County Expert Advisers is in working order, so that no farmer need have any difficulty in getting information on which to base his plan of action. E. J. R.
Preface to Second Edition It is very gratifying that a new edition should have been called for so soon after the first was issued and I have had much pleasure in revising the book and putting in some additional matter. I feel no doubt that farmers will rise to their responsibilities and seriously try to increase the output of food from their land. They have indeed a great opportunity. Prices are higher than ever before within living memory and are not likely to fall to an un-remunerative level for some years to come the old fear of lean years is banished for a long period and prices and profits are assured. The amount of money available for working capital is thus increased, and so far as labour conditions allow the farmer can put into operation the best schemes he known of for increasing his produce. In assuring prices the nation has put upon the farmer a great responsibility which he cannot possibly evade it has in effect made him a trustee for its future security. On the farmers efforts will depend much of our success in this present war and still more of our success in the reconstruction that follows. It was with the object of helping the farmer to fulfill these obligations that I wrote the book in the first instance, and with the purpose of helping a little further that I have brought into it such fresh matter as seemed to be useful. E. J. R. Rothamsted Experimental Station, Harpenden.
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