Ground Water Hydrology

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PREFACE Water is precious and most commonly used resource. Surface water resources, being exploited from time to time, may become short of supply or may not be easily available at site Ground water commonly occurs and is widely distributed. There has been an increase in ground water development and utilization for Agricultural, industrial and rural water supply. In this book, an attempt has been made to introduce the reader all the aspects on ground water, its assessment, development, utilization and management in a lucid style the information on different sources which usually found scatter in various technical books, Journals, and proceedings of seminars. This book has emphasis on basic principles, Analysis of flow in large diameter wells, and a case study of hard rock formation. The practical application of the different logistics formulae for the field conditions, data collection and processing, test procedures of design are elaborated and actual field problems are worked out to illustrate the theory and practice. Graduate students, research scholars and professional associated with ground water development and management will find the book useful. All the original references have been duly acknowledged. List of references are given at the end of the book. I put on the record, sincere help extended by Dr. S.K. Sharma, Associate Professor, Dr. J.K Balyan, Sh. L.S. Rathore and Sh. L.K. Jain. Constructive criticisms are always welcome, will be appreciated and will be incorporated in the next edition. This book has been revised with correction of some typing errors. This book is awarded by Outstanding Book Award by Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers, New Delhi for the year 2008. M.L. Jat S.R. Bhakar
About the Book This book primarily designed tocater to the needs of undergraduate and post graduate students, research scholars and professionals associated with groundwater resources development and management, covers major topics on groundwater hydrology. Entire content has 14 chapters with solved examples and case studies. The chapters are devoted mainly in explaining the basic concepts of groundwater resources development, estimation of aquifer parameters especially in hard rock formations, pumping test data analysis and reuse of industriala effluent and design of wells, selection of pumps and techniques of groundwater exploration. A chapter on analysis of pumping test data of large diameter wells in hard rock formations describes the techniques involved. A sincere attempt has been made to compile and present the text in quickly understandable form. Well drawn diagrams and elaborated worked examples provided in the chapters helps in better understanding of the concepts. This is a good text book for undergraduate and post graduate students, a reference tool for professional and a good teaching material for teachers in the field of groundwater resources