Crop Production and Tillage

Crop Production and Tillage Crop Production and Tillage Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Agrobios Publications
ISBN: 9788177543025
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PREFACE Speedy development of agriculture is vital to the progress of our country. For securing maximum crop production, the best use of the available land has to be made and the latest methods of crop husbandry put into practice. But this depends on the availability of scientific information and guidance on all aspects of agriculture in an easily digestible form. With world population doubling every four decades, the water resources of the world are becoming one of its most important assets. Water is essential for human consumption and sanitation, for the production of many industrial goods and for the production of food and fiber. Water is important means of transport in many parts of the world and a significant factor in recreation. Even a valuable resource can be a hazard and excessive water like floods cause substantial damage and loss of life throughout the world. Water is unequally distributed about the earth. In his use of this resource, man pollutes much of the available fresh water and degrades it so that it is unfit for any other use. In agriculture, water plays the major role for successful crop production. Without water either through precipitation or irrigation, there may not be plant growth, since it is essential for the maintenance of turgidity, absorption of nutrients and the metabolic process of the plants. With the explosive increase in world population, there is increasing pressure on the dry lands, which with their semiarid fringes, constitutes fully one-third of the land areas of the globe. This increased pressure applies both to the area with primitive agriculture and low standard of living as in the arid regions of Asia and North
Crop Production and Tillage
Publisher Agrobios Publications
ISBN 978817754 3025
Author Panda SC
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