Technologies For Rural Homes And Communities

Technologies For Rural Homes And Communities Technologies For Rural Homes And Communities Sample PDF Download
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PREFACE Science is system atic study and technology a continuous process o f experim entation and application o f science available as a b ody o f k n ow led g e, sk ills, p rod u cts, p rocesses and procedures o f m aking use o f scientific principles for well being o f society. The key to national prosperity, apart from the spirit o f the people, lies, in the m odern age, in their scien tific orientation and effective use o f technology to provide better living and w orking conditions. T ech n o lo g y is evid en t in the form o f tools, m ach in es, techniqu es and is essen tial for peop le s developm ent and empowerment. Use o f technology reduces drudgery, saves time and energy, brings ease and com fort, im proves health and hygiene, leads to efficient use o f resources, enhances pleasure, production, productivity and income. The advent of modern technology has brought tremendous change in the lives o f upper creamy layer o f society who live in urban areas and have the purchasing pow'er. M ost o f the technologies available in the Supper m arket are developed for such societies. However, when we look at the rural population the scenario is not so favorable. The gap between the rich and the poor, the haves and the have-nots both within rations and the developed and developing countries is increasing. Even today the rural women have to walk a long distance to obtain drinking water, most rural homes do not have sanitary laterines, electric power, proper kitchen with am enities for preparing fam ily meals, women continue to light traditional smoky hearth and have limited tools to undertake micro enterprises to improve income. Hence, there is an urgent need to introspect and innovate both in social engineering and physical engineering the benefits o f technologies and to ensure that these are percolated to rural section in general and the rural women in particular. Our scien ce and te ch n o lo g y system n eeds to be infused with additional vitality to play a decisive and beneficial role in advancing the well being of women and rural areas. The foundation of the book, Technologies for Rural Homes and Communities was laid way back, almost a decade ago during the time I was pursuing post doc work under mentor Patricia
Goldey at A gricultural E xtension and Rural D evelopm ent Department, University o f Reading, United Kingdom UK . As we both h ad w o r k e d for s e v e r a l y e a r s in th e a rea o f empowerm ent of rural women and com m unities in Asia, Africa and Latin America and interestingly as we shared valuable experiences on this front it surfaced that that there is a dire need for a book covering technologies for reducing drudgery of rural women and income generation that improve quality of life o f rural communities. It was felt that such a book would ben efit a larger com m u n ity o f rural fa m ilies, scien tists, t e c h n o lo g is t s , fie ld m a n a g e r s , p r a c t io n e r s , N G O s , e n tre p re n e u rs and o th ers as a p p lica tion o f scien ce and