Research Methodology in Extension Education

Research Methodology in Extension Education Research Methodology in Extension Education Sample PDF Download
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The book Research Methodology in Extension Education was first published in 2002. Looking to the wide spread acceptance of the book throughout the country and pressing demand from the students the second edition of the book is be in g b ro u gh t. T h is e d itio n has b een e n la rg e d by incorporation of new and upto date information that emerged out from the researches in the field of Extension Education. The development o f social or behavioural sciences and their application to education and other human affairs presents one of the greatest challenges for 21st century man. R esearch in so c ia l scie n ces w ill co n tribu te to the understanding o f ways o f bringing constructive change in the direction o f meeting human needs, minimizing the compulsive, destructive and psychologically disabling consequences o f rapid social change and channelising the human behaviour towards constructive ends. Research in social sciences has lagged behind the research in the natural sciences. Development in social sciences have been limited for want of adequate definitions. Accurate operational definitions are essential for the development of social sciences in sophisticated way. Social
Scientists need to carry their investigations more carefully and vigorously as natural scientists. Social Science deals with the development o f Societies and behaviour of human beings. Social sciences takes in the disciplines which are connected with the betterment of people and for changing their behaviour. Hence, Extension Education is categorized under Social Science in general, and Research Methodology applicable is that o f Social Science. Keeping the above points in view, an attempt has been made to write the book on Research Methodology in Extension Education . This book is a social science text intended for post graduate students, who have elementary backgrounds in psychology, sociology, statistics and measurement. It will serve the teaching and learning needs of most instructors and students of social sciences. The students and readers will find the book informative as well as stimulating. My experience in teaching, training and field extension have helped me to get enough material and concepts on the subject and also to provide suitable examples from the field situation. I express my indebtedness to the various writers, the views and opinions o f whom. I have freely incorporated in the book. I am grateful to the several sources from which I have drawn the information for writing this book. I am deeply shocked at the sudden demise o f the original author Dr. Pujari Daivadeenam. The responsibility o f