Intellectual Property Rights

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About The Book Intellectual Property Rights
Book Summary:

Creations of mind can vary in its formfrom a brilliant thought to a gizmo gadget to a popular fictionall come under the legal term called Intellectual Property. In the world of upheaval technology, where information on anything and everything is freely available and accessible, guarding these intellectual properties legally becomes a prerequisite.

This book comprehensively discusses how to manage and secure the intellectual property and the legal norms associated with it. The book begins with introducing the concepts related to Intellectual Property and the WTO Agreement. The following chapters explain various types of Intellectual Property Rights such as Patents, Copyrights, Trade Marks, Industrial Designs, Integrated Circuits, and Geographical Indications. These chapters also provide in-depth and detailed insight on regulations and procedures for protection of Intellectual Property Rights.

The book further explicates the creation of Intellectual Property and spells out the conceptual framework for creativity and innovation. Management of Intellectual Property is as important as its creation, and therefore the concluding chapters describe the activities for management and commercialization of Intellectual Property Rights, and the emerging issues surrounding them. Two separate cases have been added at the end of the book, to provide an analytical insight of the subject to the students.

The book is meant for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of management and technology. Besides, the book can be useful for the undergraduate students of law as a ready reference.

Table of Contents:


1. Introduction to Intellectual Property and World Trade Organization

2. Fundamentals of Patent

3. Transfer and Infringement of Patent Rights

4. Copyright

5. Trade Marks

6. Industrial Designs and IC Layout Design

7. Geographical Indications

8. Creating Intellectual Property

9. Intellectual Property Management

10. Emerging Issues in IPR

Case Study 1Research and Development in India

Case Study 2Apple versus Samsung Patent Dispute