Extension strategies for human resourses development

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PREFACE Globalisation of the Indian economy will have a very pronounced impact on the agricultural sector. The new market pulls will bring into existence an elite category of Indian farmers interested in and capable of entering into commercial farming, often to the interna tional markets. They will be the high tech farmers of this country. The national policy on agricultural development should consider the possibility of emergence of different kinds of farming systems. Based on this, the systems of extension service should be promoted as strategically important support facilities. India has adopted, along with GATT, the new economic policy. The process of this globalization and liberalization, the agricultural sector, which was just beginning to respond to the domestic market forces, in recent times, will come under the strong and direct influence of the international market, as well. In this context, particularly from the view-point of agricultural extension, it is possible to identify some of the specific features of the emerging agricultural situation. Human resource is essential for undertaking any kind of develop ment activities, which needs to be strengthened from time to time to accelerate the growth and development of the society. HRD assumes greater importance in view of the on going trade liberalization and globalization process, specially for developing countries like ours. Therefore, concerted efforts are essential from all the concerned to formulate the development programmes and come out with suitable strategies for empowerment of scientific man power to meet the requirement of development process. This book is the out come of the winter school which was planned and conducted with an aim to update the knowledge and capabilities of Scientists of SAUs and ICAR Institutes in various extension strategies for HRD in the context of globalization. Date 1.1.2005 Place Dharwad
L.V. HIREVENKANAGOUDAR Professor and Head Dept, of Agril. Extension Education UAS, Dharwad
ABOUT THE BOOK Agriculture is the most crucial sector of the economy, for providing food security, generates employment, helps to alleviate poverty and contribute significantly to the country s exports. The role of agriculture has become even more important in the context of current global negotiations on bringing the farm sector into multilateral trading system, which will open up tremendous opportunities for exports and imports at competitive prices for food surplus and deficit countries. The importance of agriculture is evident from the fact that about 30 per cent of the country s GDP is contributed by this sector. In addition, about 20 per cent of total exports earning of the country