Extension Evolving : The Technology Socialization Process

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PREFACE The beginning of extension education had been through a great effort towards creating an extending education system for catering yeomen technological services way back in 1883. Since then, the concept and approach of extension education and extension services kept on evolving. The benevolent and philanthropic extension services took a unique turn as private extension services, free to thinking and liberal to performing. In India, Community Development Programme got off to a swashbuckling start as mega government initiative in 1952. All comprehensive by nature, the health, agriculture, education and child development, animal care irrigation and what not, the CD Programme had been extensive by nature and volatile in impact. Too little of recourses was distributed among too many of recipients. As an experimental initiative, the positive out come was a kind of resurrection to create a nation of their own through exploring self initiative and self respect for rural life. The technology and input driven extension services started operating from 1960 and till today it has opened up new vistas of technology transfer and social transformation thereafter. An intended social transformation through technology transfer wanes off because of the fact that it is a difficult proposition for any sensible mind as to decide whether technology itself is transferable or it is socializable in its own dictum The another area of contradiction is that the transfer of commodity or input has superfluously been conceived as transfer of concept, the basic input of any technology. Besides, the present extension system across the world needs a more flexible, resilient but effective approach to enumerate and elucidate every possible social and ecological response to the movement of technology. The socialization of technology has here been an empirical design to accommodate all possible repulses and impulses of technology transfer viz. adoption, rejection, discontinuance, and reinvention. The status of extension functions have essentially not been stable, stagnant or continuously up scaling either these have got order, disorder or neo-order too. A kind of entropy is supposed to generate, for every social system, when gone inflicted
4 with innovation, some residual motivations are left aside that may go responsible for adding disorder for any cognate social system. Development is basically a new configuration of social energy for a span of time and is subject to disfiguration for creating a new paradigm. Thus Technology Socializatrion Process is presenting us with a social metabolism that helps us take account of energy input and energy output from a score of psycho-social phenomena like adoption, rejection, discontinuance etc. The book Extension Evolving The Technology Socialization Process is a land mark creation in ushering a new goner of neo-liboral thinking in the realm of extension science and its empirical studies there with and can be expected to breed a plethora of ideas, mettle and operational devices in the domain of new age extension system across the world.
ABOUT THE BOOK ICAR has unleashed a series of changes and modification in course and curriculum of Agricultural education across India. The purpose