Dictionary of Extension Education

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Preface Extension Education is certainly one of the most rapidly advancing of the agricultural sciences, and probably no other field has stimulated so many diverse disciplines. The fact that Extension Education has attracted scientists from different spheres such as agriculture, animal husbandry, psychology, nutrition Health, Journalism, Rural Management, forestry, nuclear and other scientists of diverse backgrounds to contribute to its development is one of the chief reasons for its prodigious growth. Such growth is of course, accompanied by a proliferation in terminology, and this terminology constitutes a problem to the beginning agriculture students. Most of the words and abbreviations are not to be found in a standard collegiate dictionary and many are not present in dictionaries of biology. This is because many of the terms are newly coined. Such subject dictionaries like this Dictionary of Extension Education have fascinated the teacher and the taught everywhere. They stimulate us in knowing the unknown. In fact a dictionary of such a kind has an ocean of information which tries to satisfy us of our unending thirst for knowledge. The task of selecting the terms to be included in any branch of science offers many difficulties particularly in this case of Extension Education which draws upon from several diverse fields of agriculture. How far it is advisable to include terms from those overlapping sciences which lie on the border land is a question on which no two people might think alike. We have given every word an independent examination, so as to take in all, in fact, which really belong to another science, which otherwise, would have extended this dictionary to an inconvenient size. We have, therefore only enumerated those best known or of more frequent mention in literaturwe, or interesting for special reasons. While in the process of writing and compilation, we have carefully considered the criticisms of this work which have come under our notice, and have adopted all those all those suggestions which could be taken up, so far as they did not contradict the plan on which this volume was drawn. Some critics were mutually destructive, others were due to insufficient knowledge on the part of the critic, whilst others
Dictionary of Extension Education
advocated radical changes, which would have made this, not our book, but some other person s product. We have tried to furnish the terms in use in various periods, so that a paper or book of any period can be read, and its special expression understood to cut down the volume would have been therefore unwise, and the attempt would have failed to gain the approval of competent judges, as no two