Advances in Experimental Agriculture Vol-II

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INTRODUCTION Vegetable cultivation is a high source of income generating crops than cereals, pulses or oil seed crops. Among the vegetable crops, solanaceous vegetables like tomato, chilli and brinjal are more popular in Baran district of Rajasthan. These vegetable are highly priced, rich in vitamin A, B and C and a good amount of minerals. The agricultural scenario of India has completely changed due to modern intensive agriculture with high dose of fertilizers, pesticides and high yielding fertilizer responsive varieties of crops. All the solanaceous vegetables can grow throughout the year and leaf pruning and ratooning in brinjal provide early crop in the market Singh et al.1999 .These resulted many insect-pests attacking on tomato Lycopersicon esculentum , chilli Capsicum annum and brinjal Solanum melongena throughout the growing season. Tomato Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. is one of the most important vegetable crops widely grown all over the world. It can be growing successfully by seeds or vegetative propagated throughout the year Singh, 1999 . Its demand remains high throughout the year in the markets. The scenario of tomato production in India has tremendously changed over the past decades with increasing popularity of hybrid varieties in commercial cultivation. These hybrid varieties requires high dose of fertilizes for higher yield but these are susceptible to insect pests. Chilli Capsicum annum L. is a high priced vegetable, rich in vitamin A, B and C and good source of minerals. Intensive crop production over the years has resulted in large scale mining of nutrients from the soil and there is an apprehension that the
Advances in Experimental Agriculture - Vol-2
use of chemical fertilizers over years may impair soil fertility. The long term sustainable production needs balanced supply of essential plant nutrients in available form, which involves systematic exploitation of potential soil resources, chemical fertilizers, bio fertilizers, organic manures and use of botanical pesticides. Brinjal Solanum melongena is an important hardy vegetable can be growing in all type of soil throughout the year. The fruits are mainly used as cooked vegetable as well as in bhurta. Whole fruit filled with prepared spices is commonly use in cooking. The demand of round fruited brinjal in Baran district is high. High vegetative growth and long gestation period of brinjal crop favours many insect-pests attacking throughout the growing season. The achievable yield are much less than the actual yield among the various factors responsible for low yields, are sucking insect pest of which whitefly Bemisia tabaci is the most important, because it acts as vector for spreading the leaf curl virus. Nymphs and adults of white fly suck cell sap