Appropriate Technologies for Drought Prone Areas

Appropriate Technologies for Drought Prone Areas Appropriate Technologies for Drought Prone Areas Sample PDF Download
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CONTENTS P erfa ce C on ten ts C h apter 1
5 7 11-53
Droughts - A B rief Survey The crisis - The critical situation -The causes - The Management o f Droughts - Managing Droughts with Government Strategies - Experience from the Past Droughts - Farmer s Strategies adjustment to Risk Assessment. Rainfed Dryland Agriculture in India - A B rief Survey The Scenario - The Debt crisis - Rising Food Insecurity - A Food Insecurity Map o f Rural India - The Reasons Research in Agro Mateorology - Types o f Rainfed Fanning Areas - Wasteland Development - Strategies fo r Wasteland Development - characteristics o f Rainfed Drought Prone Fanning- Ecorestoration -Climatic Risks in Drought Prone and Dryland Agriculture in India - Setting of Dryland Agriculture in India - Characteristics o f dryland Agriculture in Major ecozones o f India Arid sub-tropics-semi-arid sub-tropics Semi-arid tropics-Biomodel rainfall tropical areas - Agroclimatic Constraints to Increased Crop Produc tion in the Arid, Semi-arid and Humid Ecozones of India A In the Arid and Semi-arid ecozones - B. In the Humid Tropics - Opportunity in Rainfed Agriculture - Benefits of Watershed Approach in Drylands - References.
C h apter 2
Technologies o f Mitigating Risk in Drought Prone Rainfed Areas Appropriate technologies - Participator ' "Bottom up" Technology - Some Achievements.
Technologies For Higher Crop yields and Minimum Risk in Sem i-Arid Rainfed Agriculture Selection of efficient crops and effect o f drought - climatically efficient cropping
Appropriate Technologies for Drought Prone Areas
system. Improved crop management technology - Alternate