Wireless Communication EC Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

Wireless Communication EC Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

 EC-459 Wireless Communication [3 0 0 3]


Introduction: Mobile radio systems around the world, examples of wireless communication systems: paging system, cordless systems, cellular systems, Comparison of common wireless communication systems.

Multiple Access Techniques for wireless communication: Introduction, Time division multiple access (TDMA), Frequency division multiple access (FDMA), ALOHA Protocols.
Cellular Mobile Systems; A basic wireless/cellular system, performance criteria, uniqueness of mobile radio environment, operation of cellular systems, planning a cellular system, analog & digital cellular systems.

Interference: Introduction to co-channel interference, real time co-channel interference, co-channel measurement design of antenna system, antenna parameter and their effects, diversity receiver in co-channel interference – different types.

Cell Coverage for Signal & Traffic: General introduction, obtaining the mobile point to point mode,
propagation over water or flat open area, foliage loss, propagation near in distance, long distance propagation, point to point prediction model- characteristics, cell site, antenna heights and signal coverage cells, mobile to mobile propagation.


Frequency Management and Channel Assignment: Frequency management, fixed channel assignment, non-fixed channel assignment, traffic & channel assignment Hand Off, Dropped Calls: Why hand off, types of handoff and their characteristics, dropped call rates & their evaluation Operational Techniques: Parameters, coverage hole filler, leaky feeders, cell splitting and small cells, narrowbeam concept.

Books Recommended

1. William, C Y Lee, “Mobile Cellular Telecommunications”, 2nd ed., McGraw- Hill.
2. Kamilo Feher (PHI), “Wireless and Digital Communications”.
3. “Mobile Communication Hand Book”, 2nd Ed., IEEE Press.
4. “Mobile Communication Engineering”, Theory & Applications, TMH.
5. Theodore S Rappaport, “Wireless communications: Principles and practice”, third Indian reprint Pearson Education Asia, (2003).

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