Why You Need Guidance/ Counselling for UPSC Preparation?

The civil services exam by the Union Public Service Commission is considered one of the most reputed and esteemed exam not just in the country but across the world. Every year nearly ten lakh people appear for the exam out of which only a thousand come out successful. This very less probability of clearing the exam makes it look like a distant dream to many. However aspirants who have cleared it constantly stress on the fact that it is not very difficult.

The Need for UPSC Counseling


The uncertainty in the outcome of the exam has made many aspirants discouraged over the past years. Very few students take up the exam in full sincerity and confidence. Though like it is widely believed the exam is difficult it is definitely not insurmountable.

It is competitive and challenging and undoubtedly not beyond the scope of a sincere and hardworking aspirant. This is largely because of the misconceptions and myths that are believed by the aspirants.

Things an Aspirant Should Know Before Taking up UPSC


1. UPSC civil services exam is not just an exam about academics but it also has lot to deal with mental status of the aspirant. 2. A serious preparation needs close to 10 hours a day of preparation. A proper strategy and study plan needs to be laid out well in advance.

3. The aspirant needs to be well aware of the academic, physical and other requirements for applying for the exam. After thoroughly going through the examination notification of the previous year the aspirant is advised to start his or her preparation. 4, The syllabus of the entire exam including the mains exam pattern should be read thoroughly. The complete knowledge on the syllabus gives a clear picture of where the aspirant stands. And accordingly a strategy can be planned.

5. The aspirant needs to be mentally prepared to devout at least 3 years of his precious time to this exam. Since the exam is quite demanding break free concentration on this exam is quite difficult. For this reason the aspirants are advised to plan for at least 3 years in advance. You might clear it in the first go, but a maximum time frame is important to be decided at the beginning.

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