Why does the TOEFL exam matter so much?

The TOEFL test can play an instrumental role in taking an individual’s career to a new high. All the top universities of the world consider TOEFL as the test of an individual’s ability to study, live and contribute to the growth story of their country. TOEFL holds very high importance among students, universities, employers, and those seeking immigration. 

Accepted in All the English-Speaking Countries - It is a test that opens the gateway to all the world’s predominantly English-speaking countries. It is one of the most respected English proficiency tests for students from non-English speaking countries. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that can take an individual’s life in a diametrically opposite direction.  

TOEFL is given more preference in the US and Canada than in any other English-speaking country. Over 85% of universities in Canada prefer TOEFL scores over others for admissions to students in higher education. A similar ratio prevails in the US, wherein all the top universities give preference to the TOEFL score. 

Preferred in All Types of Admissions  - Students wanting to study in high schools in the US have to take the TOEFL test. Top boarding schools in the US accept TOEFL scores for admissions. TOEFL score is needed for both public and private universities. So, irrespective of the choice of institution, one has to take the TOEFL test.  

Working in an English-Speaking Country - When it comes to working in a new country, the need to communicate with people arises. TOEFL is one such test that assures employers that communication isn’t going to be a problem. It reduces an employer’s effort to check an individual’s ability to communicate in English. Thus, most companies require job seekers to take the TOEFL test to qualify for a job abroad. 

Those seeking jobs in the Hospitality sector need to take the TOEFL test more seriously than others. as their public interactions are more than others and very crucial. So, prospective test-takers need to factor in all this and understand the importance of TOEFL.  

In addition to the resume - Once a test taker takes the TOEFL test and gets a good score, it can be an important addition to the CV. When it comes to employment abroad, there are high chances of an employer selecting a candidate who has scored well on the TOEFL exam. 

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