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What is the Benefit of NEST Exam? 

NEST exam is the gateway for the students who have completed their higher secondary to get admission in various premier institutes for an integrated 5-year program in the Science stream.

In this five-year course, the candidate will complete their Master's degree in Science i.e. M.Sc. Contrary to the conventional Degree pattern where students get their Bachelors' Degree first and then can choose whether they will go for the Master's Degree or not, here students will get their Master's degree directly.

Integrated M.Sc: Often, there is a serious question of what to do after the 12, which stream to choose, and whatnot. Therefore, the option of an integrated M.Sc can solve this problem. Candidates can directly complete their masters along with their bachelor's. Additionally, it reduces the stress of searching for postgraduate colleges.

Preparation for Other Exams: The NEST is a national-level examination; hence, the preparation must be done accordingly. Moreover, the questions are marked between moderately tough to difficult. Therefore, the aspiring candidates have to think about this examination and its preparation seriously. Further, this is considered an added benefit of the NEST exam. It also enhances the preparation for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.

Easy Scoring: the NEST exam is divided into sections, each carrying 50 marks. Additionally, the examination is conducted for two different sessions. Of course, the set of questions varies. Moreover, it is assessed among the NEST exam benefits. The Scoring becomes easier for the candidates, and after successfully qualifying for the exam, the candidates are offered seats.

Separate Merit List: As we know, the exam is arranged jointly by NISER and CEBS; candidates often revolve around the ambiguity of the publication of results. For example, to break the common delusion, the merit list for NISER and CEBS are prepared separately. Furthermore, the best of three scores among the four is taken into account. Hence, the merit list calculation narrows down to 150.

Opportunity to Bag Scholarships: While prepping for NEST and acquiring a seat at any NEST accredited college, candidates can get an opportunity to receive a scholarship. With an outstanding academic record and proven academic performance, candidates can get scholarships.

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