What Is Space Science And How To Make A Great Career Here 

At present, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is not only successfully setting up India’s satellites in space, but it is also regularly sending satellites of developed countries into space.

Space Science is that branch of science, under which billions of planets, satellites, stars, comets, galaxies and other cosmic bodies are studied beyond the Earth.  let us have a look at the various careers that you can opt for.


The task of an astronomy is to research outer space. This includes galaxies, solar systems, stars, black holes, planets, etc. By doing research on which Astronomy finds out the events happening here. 


These are the special people who make their dreams come true by stepping into space. They do various research by staying at the space station.  

Space Technology

The career of space technology is also very good. This includes designing spacecraft, satellites, space stations, sports infrastructure equipment, and the various equipment involved in space warfare. 


An astronaut may be more popular among people, but an engineer is the lifeblood of an entire mission in space research. 

Space Research

There are many options apart from research, such as you can work as an associate professor of space physics and can also be involved in the analysis of data received from spacecraft. 

Space Law

It is the law governing the activities related to space. It includes a wide range of agreements, conventions, treaties and rules of international organizations. 

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