What are the best Career Options for Low Scoring Students?

Hospitality and Hotel Management -  This industry has seen a rapid boom with a large number of youngsters opting for career paths like air hostesses, stewards, chefs, etc.

Writing -  If you are imaginative and creative with words, writing is the path for you. Trendy options include blogging, content writing, script, creative writing, and editing.

Travel and tourism -  If you love traveling and can make a career out of it, you can opt for being a travel agent or a travel blogger to share your traveling experience with the world.

Foreign Languages -  You can be hired as an interpreter, a PR officer, as well as a tour guide by learning a foreign language.

DJ or RJ -  If you are passionate about music, dance, or entertainment, you will find huge success if you opt for a career as a disc or radio jockey.

Fashion designing -  You should enter a fashion design course if you really know how to dress up beautifully. You only need an average score of 45 percent to be qualified for undergraduate courses in this field.

Photography -  You may apply for a cinematography course. The best part of most photography courses is that they normally do not have any academic criteria.

Sports -  If you like a certain sport, you can enter a technical academy and develop your skills while following your graduation side-by-side.

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