Understanding GMAT Sentence Correction

GMAT Sentence Correction -  GMAT sentence correction aims to test your ability to identify common grammatical errors. 

Types of Questions in GMAT Sentence Correction -

Subject-Verb Agreement -  These questions will test your knowledge in identifying the subject and the verb in a sentence, and ensuring that they match with each other. 

Parallelism -  For this you need to check whether all the parallel phrases are written in the same format or there are any discrepancies in them. 

Modifiers -  These types of questions will consist of an incorrectly placed modifier i.e. a phrase or part which modifies the sentence.

Idioms -  The best way to ace these types of questions is to build up knowledge of different types of idioms used in the English language. 

Verb Tense Consistency -  You need to change the verb tense if it is specifically required to make the sentence meaningful. 

Comparison -  These types of questions require you to analyze whether the comparisons made in the sentence are logical and whether they are structured correctly in terms of grammar. 

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