Tricks To Get Right Answers For MCQ’s In NEET Exam 

Read the entire question carefully - Aspirants must carefully read and understand questions. Instead of delving deeper with confusion, rule out the incorrect options one by one after taking into consideration all possible outcomes. 

Use the stepwise approach to answer conceptual questions - Use a stepwise approach to solve conceptual and complex questions. 

Memorize all the important definitions, common and scientific names to easily answer MCQs - Students need to focus more on the concepts along with their applications in order to score well in the examination. 

Focus more on NCERT textbooks - Several times the questions asked in the NEET exam are taken directly from the NCERT textbooks. Initially avoid answering those questions for which you are not confident. 

Utilize your time appropriately - In order to utilize your time appropriately, divide the 200 minutes of examination time as per your comfort among. Initially, focus on attempting all easy questions and later on pick the difficult ones. 

Avoid the guesswork and practise question papers/sample papers/mock tests thoroughly - Avoid guesswork for negative marking questions as they might lower your final score. 

Rather than just following mere guesswork, the aspirants can focus on the tips discussed to tackle Multiple Choice Questions in NEET in the right manner. 

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