Top 10 Optional Subjects For IAS Mains 2023  

People with a legal background often pick Law as a subject for exams like the IAS. They use their knowledge in this field during the test. 


Sociology is a social science that looks at human society, behavior, and relationships in groups and institutions. Many candidates choose to study it. 


This field looks at how things are managed in governments and other organizations. It helps us understand how these systems work. 

Public Administration 

Studying different time periods like Ancient, Medieval, and Modern, History helps us understand how human civilization has changed and developed over time. 


Studying how things are managed in agriculture and rural development, Agriculture is an interesting subject for those taking the UPSC Mains exam. 


Geography is about studying the Earth's surface, from its physical features to how humans use the land. It gives us a complete picture of our planet and how it changes. 


Anthropology is the study of humans, their cultures, societies, and behavior. It helps us understand how societies work. 


Psychology is all about understanding why people behave the way they do. It's a useful subject for those aiming to become civil servants. 


Those with a medical background often choose Medical Science for exams like UPSC CSE. They use their expertise in healthcare during the test. 

Medical Science 

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