Top Reasons To Take The GMAT Exam As An Undergrad

Time is on your side -  Once you’re done with the GMAT and have acquired your target score, you are free to focus on making your b-school applications shine.

You can defer your admission -  Business schools around the world usually require applicants to have a minimum of 2 years of work experience before applying to their MBA programs.

You can join a business school right out of college -  Instead of deferring your MBA to a future date, you can even pursue your MBA right out of college.

You get access to scholarships -  A high GMAT score also offsets other areas that may be lacking in your application, primarily work experience. This will then bring your application to the forefront in the running for scholarships.

Recruiters Value GMAT  Scores –  As a fresh graduate or college student, applying to business schools with your GMAT score is an indication of your strong commitment to a prosperous career in Management for Business Schools.

Your earning potential increases -  According to this post-MBA salary calculator tool, in India, MBA graduates with no more than 24 months of experience can receive a 62 percent hike over their pre-MBA salary.

Range of career  opportunities -  Career change is an added advantage of an MBA or MiM degree and is a common reason for enrolling in a management program.

You advance quickly in your career -  With employment in management positions expected to grow rapidly in key markets within the next decade, the scope for MBA is very bright.

You gain management knowledge and skills -  Classroom learning will primarily comprise experiential learning and detailed feedback from your classmates and coaches.

You gain a massive network to leverage -  During your MBA, you will gain access to a wealth of experience from your peers, guidance from a vast alumni network, and leading-edge management education from expert professors.

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