Top 10 Effective Methods of Teaching English 

There are a lot of methods of English teaching, and we've listed a few that are very famous and active methods. 

The Direct Method 

If you’ve ever heard the Direct Method being taught, you may have rightly mistaken it for some sort of military drill, which is not far off as it was first established in France and Germany in the early 1900s to assist soldiers to communicate in a second language quickly. 

Each of you may have your own strategy, it may not be right to do the right thing at the beginning of your Reading Comprehension preparation. You should emulate someone whose method or approach is logical and convincing, make sure you think and create a method for yourself. 

The Grammar Translation Method 

The Audio Lingual Method 

The Audio Lingual Method otherwise known as the New Key Method or Army Method is based on a behaviorist theory that things are able to be learned by constant reinforcement. 

The Structural Approach 

As the name suggests, the method is all about structure. The idea is that any language is made up of complex grammar rules. These rules, according to this approach need to be learned in a specific order. 


This is a behaviorist theory and is related to pseudoscience. This method relies heavily on students’ beliefs about the method’s effectiveness. 

Total Physical Response 

Total Physical Response, otherwise known as TPR is an approach that follows the idea of ‘learning by doing. 

The idea behind this approach is to help learners communicate more effectively and correctly in realistic situations that they may find themselves in. 

Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) 

The Silent Way emphasizes learner autonomy. The teacher acts merely as a facilitator trying to encourage students to be more active in their learning. The main of this way of teaching is for the teacher to say very little. 

The Silent Way 

This is probably one of the English teaching methods where the student feels the safest as there’s a great emphasis on the relationship and bond between the student and teacher. 

Community Language Learning 

The Lexical syllabus or approach is based on computer studies that have previously identified the most commonly used words. This approach to teaching focuses on vocabulary acquisition and teaching lexical chunks in order of their frequency and use. 

The Lexical Approach  

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