Top 10 coolest courses in America


Bioenergy focuses on the environmental and economic impact of using plants and microbes for the production of bio-based fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing prepares individuals to design and implement enterprise software systems that rely on distributed computing and service-oriented architecture.


Anthrozoology combines anthropology and zoology in order to examine the relationship between animals and humans.

Earth Systems Science

The field of earth sciences focuses on the interaction of the Earth’s oceanographic, atmospheric, and terrestrial systems. 

Climate Science

Climate science focuses on the scientific study of the climate system of the earth with an emphasis on the physical, dynamic, and chemical interactions of the atmosphere. 

Economics and Computer Science

This field focuses on the theoretical and practical connections between computer science and economics. 

Mathematical Economics

This subject focuses on the application of mathematical methods to the development of economic theory, models, and quantitative analysis.

Mathematics and Atmospheric/Oceanic Science

This field studies the application of mathematics to atmospheric and oceanic problems. 

Data Science

Data science involves the analysis of large-scale data sources from the interdisciplinary perspectives of applied statistics, computer science, and data storage. 

Data Analytics

If data is the oil, analytics is the engine. Data analytics prepares individuals to apply data science to generate insights from data and identify and predict trends. 

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