These common grammar errors you can avoid

Subject-Verb Agreement Errors: 

Incorrect: "The team are playing well." 

Correct: "The team is playing well." 

Misplacing Apostrophes: 

Incorrect: "The cats are eating it's food."

Correct: "The cats are eating their food." 

Using "Effect" Instead of "Affect" (or Vice Versa):

Incorrect: "The medication had a positive affect on her mood."

Correct: "The medication had a positive effect on her mood." 

Misusing "Their," "They're," and "There": 

Incorrect: "Their going to the park." 

Correct: "They're going to the park." 

Dangling Participles: 

Incorrect: "Walking down the street, the rain started to fall." 

Correct: "Walking down the street, I felt the rain start to fall." 

Double Negatives:

Incorrect: "I don't need no help." 

Correct: "I don't need any help." 

Confusing "Fewer" and "Less":

Incorrect: "I have less books than you." 

Correct: "I have fewer books than you." 

Misusing "Good" and "Well":

Incorrect: "He plays the piano good."

Correct: "He plays the piano well." 

Confusing "Your" and "You're":

Incorrect: "Your coming with us?"  

Correct: "You're coming with us?" 

Using "Me" Instead of "I" (or Vice Versa) in Compound Subjects or Objects: 

Incorrect: "Me and John are going to the store." 

Correct: "John and I are going to the store." 

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