MIT vs Stanford: Which One Is Better and Why

Stanford -  Stanford University is one of the most prestigious and competitive universities in the country.

MIT -  The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, frequently known as MIT, is a prestigious, private research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just across the river from Boston.

Location -  One of the most obvious differences between Stanford and MIT is their location: they are on opposite sides of the country! MIT is located in Cambridge, MA, a city just northwest of Boston.

Although MIT has a smaller student body than Stanford, the two schools are fairly similar in terms of size.

Rankings -  Because rankings are an imperfect science, when the rankings are so close, as they are for MIT vs Stanford, you can't really determine which school is "better" based on the rankings.

Admissions -  Stanford's acceptance rate was 3.9% while IT was 4.1%, but don't read too much into this tiny difference; both are extremely competitive schools.

Academics -  MIT has more of a math/science/tech focus than Stanford, but MIT students are required to take a quarter of their classes in the humanities/social sciences, etc.

Student Life -  Both MIT and Stanford are large enough and diverse enough to attract a wide variety of students.

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